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Welcome to ‘To Absent Family’

A self-help website, for people dealing with the emotional heartache of losing a family member through adoption, separation, divorce, missing and bereavement by healing through writing.

It allows you to create a message board by writing posts, daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you feel the need. Things you would like to be able to tell them, but you’re no longer able to as you’re no longer in contact with them. From a simple I love you, I miss you, to long posts and photographs. By creating a message board you are creating an emotional diary of how you felt about them during the time spent without them. When the absent person finds their board, it allows them to find out about you, their family and the missing years and possibly helps them to deal with the missing years without you and help in their decision if they wish to reconnect with you.

Bereavement boards are there to help you deal with your loss, especially children. Allowing them to start healing through writing by allowing to express their feelings on their own personal board. All the things they want the absent person to know, I miss you, I love you, I’m angry you died and left me, I was Star of the week at School.  They can say exactly how they feel no matter how angry or hurt they are, and knowing they are the only people to read it. It will be there as long as they feel the need for it.

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