Estrange Parents and Grandparents

With the change in the family dynamics these days it is easy to forget that there are many members of the family that are left just as devastated with the break up of a family unit. It does not just effect the immediate family, the parents and their children, but has a rippling effect like dropping a stone in water, grand parents, cousins and friends. The loss is just as much felt by them and has sometimes more heartache as they have no legal right to see these children again.  Whilst the children  grow up and move on with their lives , it is difficult for estranged parents and grandparents as they may loose all contact and do not know what’s happening in their lives, not being able to hold them like they use to and tell them how much they cherish and love them , many not even knowing where they are. It is difficult  for everyone in a wider family to deal with any family break up but can be especially difficult to grandparents as they can only hope that contact can be kept but in many cases this is not the case.

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